Our vineyards

« In Zafferana the air is good to the lips, it smells of freshly baked bread, of brooms. And from up there, from the three thousand metersof Etna, Sicily is a three-pointed star in the upside-down sky of its ancient sea. » (Igor Man, La Stampa, September 1996)

Zafferana Etnea rises to 574 m. above sea level, on the eastern slopes of Etna, the largest active volcano in Europe. It extends up to the summit of the volcano, including in its territory landscapes of inestimable natural beauty, from dense woods to expanses of lava desert. All this gives a unique and unmistakable characteristic to our wines.

Butera (Vutera in Sicilian) is an Italian municipality in the province of Caltanissetta in Sicily. Its original name was Butirah, while the name still used was given by Roger I of Sicily, following the conquest of the city.
The territory of Butera is hilly inside, and flat on the coasts and is enriched by the flow of two rivers, the Salso and the Disueri. The city stands on a hill 402 meters above sea level, and its climate is particularly favorable for the production of wine.

Vulcano (Vurcanu in Sicilian) is an Italian island belonging to the archipelago of the Aeolian Islands, in Sicily. The inhabitants, 715 in 2001, are called volcanors.

In ancient times it was called Therasia (Θηρασία), then Hiera (Ἱερά), because it was sacred to the god Vulcan, hence its current name.

The island actually owes its existence to the merger of some volcanoes, the largest but extinct of which is the Vulcano della Fossa. The others are Vulcanello (123 m) to the north, connected to the rest of the island via an isthmus; the southern Monte Aria (500 m), completely inactive, which forms a vast plateau made up of lava and tuff.

The main volcano, to the west, seems to have been formed with very acidic lava and has never ceased to demonstrate its vitality, an unmistakable hallmark of our wines.