Terms and Conditions of Sale

Terms of Sale

The owner of the site “www.cantineprivitera.com” is

P.IVA E C.F. 04799740875i

These “General Conditions of Sale” and in particular the information referred to in the art. 52 of the Consumer Code, as provided by PRIVITERA SOC.COOP. AGRICOLA and reported on the site, will remain valid and effective until they are modified or integrated by PRIVITERA SOC.COOP. AGRICULTURAL. The latest updated version of the General Conditions is the one available on the site. Any changes or additions to these General Conditions will be effective from the date on which they are published on the site.

The contract (as defined: distance contract pursuant to art. 50 et seq. of Legislative Decree 6 September 2005, n. 206 “ Consumer Code”) stipulated between PRIVITERA SOC.COOP. AGRICOLA and the Customer, is considered concluded with acceptance, even partial, by PRIVITERA SOC.COOP. AGRICOLA of a purchase proposal issued by the Customer, via the Internet, on the website www.cantineprivitera.com. This acceptance is considered tacit, unless otherwise communicated to the Customer by appropriate means.

By placing an order, the Customer declares:
1) to be a consumer in accordance with the provisions of the art. 3 of the Consumer Code;
2) to be of age;
3) that the data provided by the same for the execution of the Contract are correct and truthful;
4) to have read all the information provided to him during the purchase procedure, and to fully accept the general and payment conditions indicated in the purchase procedure.

In the event of non-acceptance, even partial, of an order by PRIVITERA SOC.COOP. AGRICOLA, Any right of the Customer to compensation for damages or compensation is excluded, as well as any contractual or non-contractual liability for direct or indirect damage to people and/or things.


Payment method

The Customer is allowed to pay via Credit Card.

At the same time as the online transaction is concluded, the relevant banking institution will authorize the commitment of only the amount relating to the purchase made. PRIVITERA SOC.COOP. AGRICOLA, not being aware in advance of a certain delivery date of the ordered material, it reserves the right to charge the credit card the day following the shipment of the material. In the case of orders that contain one or more products available on request, due to long delivery times and the expiration of the credit card authorization, the credit card will be charged after the customer has been notified of the delivery date. expected delivery and its acceptance by the Customer.

– In case of cancellation of the order, either by the Customer or in the case of non-acceptance of the same by PRIVITERA SOC.COOP. AGRICOLA, will be requested at the same time by PRIVITERA SOC.COOP. AGRICOLA the cancellation of the transaction and the release of the committed amount. The release times, for some types of cards, depend exclusively on the banking system and can extend up to their natural expiry (24th day from the authorization date). Once the transaction has been canceled, under no circumstances PRIVITERA SOC.COOP. AGRICOLA may be held liable for any damages, direct or indirect, caused by delay in the failure to release the committed amount by the banking system.

– PRIVITERA SOC.COOP. AGRICOLA reserves the right to request from the Customer additional information (e.g. landline telephone number) or to send a copy of documents proving ownership of the Card used. In the absence of the required documentation, PRIVITERA SOC.COOP. AGRICOLA reserves the right not to accept the order.

– At no point during the purchase process PRIVITERA SOC.COOP. AGRICOLA is able to know the information relating to the buyer’s credit card, transmitted via a protected connection directly to the website of the banking institution that manages the transaction. No computer archive of PRIVITERA SOC.COOP. AGRICOLA will retain such data. Under no circumstances PRIVITERA SOC.COOP. AGRICOLA can therefore be held responsible for any fraudulent and improper use of credit cards by third parties, when paying for products purchased on www.cantineprivitera.com

Any refunds will be made to the same card used for the purchase.

Right of Withdrawal

Pursuant to art. 5 DL 185/1999, if the customer is a consumer (i.e. a natural person who purchases the goods for purposes not related to his professional activity, or does not make the purchase by indicating a reference in the order form at www.cantineprivitera.com of VAT number), has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract for any reason, without the need to provide explanations and without any penalty, except as indicated in the following points:

a) the right applies to the product purchased by the Customer considering it in its entirety. It is not possible to exercise withdrawal only on part of the purchased product.

b) the purchased good must be returned intact, complete in all its parts and packaged in the original and complete packaging (including any documentation and accessory equipment). To limit damage to the original packaging, affixing labels or adhesive tape directly to the original packaging of the product should be avoided in all cases. We also recommend, when returning it, to place it in a second box, on which to write the address of the recipient of the return.

c) in accordance with the law, the shipping costs relating to the return of the goods are borne by the customer; furthermore, delivery costs to the customer and any other ancillary costs highlighted at the time the order was placed will not be reimbursed.

d) the shipment, until receipt is certified in our warehouse, is under the complete responsibility of the customer.

e) PRIVITERA SOC.COOP. AGRICOLA is not liable in any way for damage or theft/loss of goods returned by uninsured shipments; in the event of damage to the goods during transport, PRIVITERA SOC.COOP. AGRICOLA will notify the customer of the incident (within 5 working days of receipt of the goods in its warehouses), to allow him to promptly file a complaint against the courier he has chosen and obtain a refund of the value of the goods. In this case, the product will be made available to the customer for its return, simultaneously canceling the withdrawal request.

f) upon arrival at the warehouse, any damage or tampering to the product not resulting from normal transport procedures will be assessed. If the package and/or the original packaging are damaged,PRIVITERA SOC.COOP. AGRICOLA will deduct a percentage from the refund due to the Customer. This percentage (to be understood as a contribution to the restoration costs) cannot in any case be greater than 10% of the same.

To exercise this right, the customer must send to PRIVITERA SOC.COOP. AGRICOLA a written communication, by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, within 14 working days from the date of receipt of the goods. This communication must be addressed to:


In the case of communication via telegram or fax these must be followed, strictly within the following 48 hours, by a confirmation by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.
Once the aforementioned notice of withdrawal has been received by us, Customer Service PRIVITERA SOC.COOP. AGRICOLA will promptly communicate to the customer the instructions on the return method, assigning a unique RMA code for the return of the goods, which must reach PRIVITERA SOC.COOP. AGRICOLA within 14 days of authorization.
The goods must be returned intact, complete with all their parts and in the original packaging (envelopes and packages), kept and possibly used according to normal diligence, without there being any signs of wear or dirt, in compliance with the conditions of the aforementioned points. REIMBURSEMENT. Without prejudice to any restoration costs for confirmed damage to the original packaging, PRIVITERA SOC.COOP. AGRICOLA will refund the customer the entire amount already paid, within 14 days of the return of the goods, through a cancellation procedure of the amount charged to the credit card or by bank transfer. In the latter case, it will be the customer’s responsibility to promptly provide the bank details on which to obtain the refund (ABI Code – CAB – Current Account of the invoice holder).

The right of withdrawal is totally lost, due to the lack of the essential condition of integrity of the goods (packaging and its contents), PRIVITERA SOC.COOP. AGRICOLA you ascertain even just one of the following deficiencies:

  •  non-diligent use of the good that has compromised its integrity, or the use of any consumables related to the product;
  • the lack of the external packaging and/or the original internal packaging;
  • the absence of integral elements of the product;
  • damage to the product for reasons other than its transport, including partial or total tampering with the product or parts of it.

In the event of forfeiture of the right of withdrawal, the goods will remain at the headquarters of PRIVITERA SOC.COOP. AGRICOLA, available to the Customer for collection at his expense.




PRIVITERA SOC.COOP. AGRICOLA accepts the Customer’s orders within the limits of the quantities of the requested products existing in stock. Therefore, the delivery of the products indicated in the purchase proposal forwarded by the Customer is subject to the availability of the products in stock. PRIVITERA SOC.COOP. AGRICOLA undertakes to promptly notify the Customer of any unforeseeable stock outs due to excess demand or other causes.

PRIVITERA SOC.COOP. AGRICOLA delivers the products to the address indicated by the Customer within the times established by the shipping details via courier or in any case within 30 (thirty) days from the conclusion of the Contract. No responsibility can be attributed to PRIVITERA SOC.COOP. AGRICOLA in the event of a delay in processing the order or in delivering what was ordered in the event of shortcomings or defaults on the part of the delivery courier.

Delivery costs are borne by the recipient and explicitly highlighted at the time of placing the order, without prejudice to any promotional initiatives that provide for delivery with costs borne by PRIVITERA SOC.COOP. AGRICOLA. Such promotional initiatives, if present, will be reported on the site and clearly exemplified in the methods depending on the promotion underway from time to time. Payment for the goods by the Customer will take place using the method chosen when placing the order. Nothing more is owed by the Customer compared to the total order.

Delivery of goods is intended as “at street level” unless further indications are given, such as:

– different communication when completing the order
– any methods provided in the product technical data sheet
– the explicit purchase of delivery to the floor, where applicable

Upon delivery of the goods by the courier, the Customer is invited and in any case required to check:
a) that the number of packages actually delivered corresponds to that indicated in the transport document;
b) that the packaging of the packages is intact in all its parts, not damaged or compromised by atmospheric events or otherwise altered.

Important: any damage to the packaging and/or the product or the mismatch in the number of packages or indications, must be immediately contested by placing a written control reservation (specifying the reason for the reservation, e.g. “punctured packaging”, “crushed packaging”, etc.) on the courier’s proof of delivery. Once the courier document has been signed, the Customer will not be able to make any objections regarding the external characteristics of what was delivered. Any problems relating to the physical integrity, correspondence or completeness of the products received must be reported within 7 days of delivery, according to the methods set out in this document.

In the event of failure to collect the material in stock at the courier’s warehouses within 5 working days due to repeated impossibility of delivery to the address indicated by the Customer at the time of the order, the ordered items will be returned to the warehouses of PRIVITERA SOC.COOP. AGRICOLA. Arrangements will be made for the new fulfillment and the related additional shipping costs.